Carly Charlie Not Quite Known (mostly_sane) wrote in ccac,
Carly Charlie Not Quite Known

UC Berkeley dual enrollment

Hi there!
I'm a student at UC Berkeley, a third year student in the fall. I've finished all my lower division classes (visual studies, sculpt 1, draw 1, paint 1, photo, figure drawing) and realized that I do not at all want to be a fine arts major. See, at Berkeley, that's all we have: no illustration, graphic design, animation,etc.

I know I could transfer, but I really, really don't want to- I'm a double major in biology here with reasons to stay, mostly research. But I want to go into illustration. I talked it over with the art major adviser here and she said that credit transfer from CCA would be feasible.

I'm wondering if any one on this livejournal has met any dual enrolled students. NOT extended school students - I want to be with people my age during the actual school year. I figure I'll have to pay the part time student fee (about 1300 a unit..ugh), but I should be okay.

Thanks for any info, and yes, I've emailed the admissions office (it is the weekend though),
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