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webmail issues / questions

Hi everyone! My name is Carla and I'm an enrolled student into the new MBA for Design Strategy program. I'm really excited to meet you all and can't wait for my first trip out there.

I come to you with a technical question about the
webmail system

CCA has recently added me to their email system and I can't for the life of me get my webmail with them to work properly. It is incredibly erratic in its behavior (whether i get to the inbox or not, whether the images or css will load etc)

My main problem is this: When I go to i get the normal login screen. I enter my login information and it reloads the login screen but this time with a "resume" button. I log in again and click "resume". I then get to a screen that says "Webmail session has been opened <input ... >" I click that and it gives me a url like this: but it still shows the login box. If I reload the page a few times sometimes I can get to my inbox, sometimes not.

When I am able to get to my inbox most of the time the CSS does not load properly and neither do most of the images.

All of these problems are reproducible on Safari and Firefox2, on Macbook Pros running 10.5 (the two computers I have access to), on three different internet connections (wireless at home, wireless at work, ethernet at work).

Can someone please help me out or tell me what the problem is? Someone from the help desk called me but all they told me was "it must be a browser issue" ... clearly it isn't.

Help, please and thanks in advance!
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