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What is Architecture program like?

I'm just wondering what the Architecture program is like. I am very seriously considering attending CCA for the Arch program. The idea of going to an art school and working in different areas of the arts really draws my attention more than anything else. However, I've got a couple of concerns.
First, what's the situation like for a transfer student? I'm currently attending a college in Sacramento and will be planning to transfer in Fall of 09.  Is the transition easy for a transfer student? I'm from California anyway and have lived away from my parents for about 10 years now.

Second, what's the housing situation like for a transfer? Is it difficult to find roommates and possibly even live in San Francisco? I live in the norcal area so I'm not a stranger to the bay area. Is it better to live with roommates or in a dorm? I've lived in a dorm before and although it's a great experience I honestly don't really want to repeat it.

Third, are there many students attending who are a little bit older. I see that most people attending seem to be out of high school. I think that's awesome but as for me I'm in my early 30's and I would like to get an opinion from someone who's maybe in my age range. I don't know if anyone else is in this situation but I've got a car, bills, insurance, and no financial support from my parents.

Thanks guys for your opinions and suggestions. I was in the military for eight years which explains why just now I'm going to school.
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